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Big Savings

 We will build you a bespoke tariff guaranteed to save you money.


  • Unlimited Calls & Texts
  • 4G Data up to 40Gb per month
  • Europe Roaming £3 per day



  • Home
  • Voice
  • Analogue Lines

Analogue Lines

With 3Rs line rental & calls you can save up to 45% compared to BT  and you can consolidate your calls and line rental service in one bill. You will keep your existing phone number and do not need to make any changes* to your telecom equipment. (*some PBX systems may have legacy LCR programming that would need removing)

We buy line services on a wholesale basis from BT Openreach and have the same level of access to systems and support from Openreach as BT Retail do. By evaluating and understanding your requirements we aim to provide better customer service than BT. Because we have direct access to Openreach's systems we can allocate numbers, book installations, conduct site surveys and divert calls easily giving you the control and flexibility you need.

We provide a full range of maintenance care options, matching those provided by BT Retail. Any faults are investigated and resolved on our behalf by BT Openreach.


We also provide new PSTN analogue fixed line installations. Provided the installation is a standard one, the one-off charge is £99 + VAT. New lines are normally installed within eight working days.


Our account managers and support staff are all UK-based and will respond quickly and courteously to your calls. Fault resolution is as per BT Openreach published SLAs and Conditions.




These are the benefits of using 3Rs' business analogue line rental service:
  • Save up to 45% compared to BT
  • Transfer existing BT lines
  • BT Openreach will continue to maintain your phone line
  • Free online itemised bill
  • Comprehensive range of land line features
  • Free directory entry in the Business A-Z section of The Phone Book from BT • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes

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