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Wireless Networking

3Rs can provide planning / recommendations, installation and support for you wireless network. With our planning software all we need are site plans to provide a detailed predictive heatmap of your wireless network. Wireless networking - which is often just known as Wi-Fi - is a way of getting internet without wires. As technical grows and develops its key for business to have a good secure reliable wireless network

So why not give users freedom from wires and an improved ability to collaborate with colleagues wherever in the office they may roam?

The installation itself will be carried out by fully accredited engineers, taking care to avoid disruption to the customer’s daily business wherever possible.

Our professional design and installation service ensures a wireless network is...

  • Properly configured to prevent unauthorised connection from adjoining offices or passers-by
  • Set up for maximum coverage and speed by:
  • Eliminating ‘dead spots’
  • Giving proper consideration to the thickness and composition of walls, ceilings and floors
  • Carefully balancing the number of connecting devices and the effect on data flow

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