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Point to Point (P2P)

Our P2P services are essentially a private LAN extension via copper, fibre or wireless Line of Sight (LoS) connection.

Fibre and copper connections are provided by the major carriers e.g. BT via the Exchanges local to each site. They ensure your data is more secure and your network more reliable backed by robust SLA's. Ideal for secure, low latency networking. Speeds from 10Mbps - 10Gbps. 


Our LoS connections offer a significantly lower-cost option to wired P2P where buildings are close together and have a clear Line of Sight between them. We can provide Laser or RF wireless bridges. Lasers are less expensive, RF is more reliable - doesn't need servicing, longer lived and not affected by weather. We can even make a connection with only partial line of sight albeit at slower speeds.

Typical Full-Duplex speeds: 100Mbps - 1Gbps at distances of 20M-1,500M


please note

  • All pricing, availability and service is subject to survey - Excess Construction Charges (ECC) may apply to some installations.
  • Copper/fibre - Minimum contract 12 months. Free router/connection on all 3+ year contracts
  • LoS - this is an equipment purchase or we can arrange lease rental finance over 3-5 years
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