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Anyone who uses the Internet has almost certainly come across the term “firewall” and knows it has something to do with providing security. Simply a Firewall controls what traffic is allowed to enter and leave a business network. Allowing safe and secure usage of commonly used services such as email, FTP, web, voice, and many more.

Firewalls can take many forms, from software that runs on hardened servers, to high speed dedicated appliances. Today most small to large businesses enjoy the benefits of UTM appliances (Unified Threat Management) these next-generation appliances are a firewall, gateway antivirus, antimalware, anti-spam, secure remote access all-in-one solutions which achieve very high performance speeds.

Firewalls provide protection against a multitude of threats including denial of service (DOS) attacks, viruses, and ransomware.

Employee productivity can be enhanced by utilising web-blocking and application control features, by preventing access to undesirable websites.

Don't forget - 3Rs can provide the line or circuit that your firewall connects with - see our connectivity pages or call us!

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